ROTOR "CAGE" - Stainless Steel Rhodium plated - CDGevève

ROTOR "CAGE" - Stainless Steel Rhodium plated - CDGevève

  • S$970.00

  • Product Code: BRO - SS99C

The stylish & bold statement accessory for every gentleman. Inspired by the Swiss watchmaking world, every TFest1968 accessory bears a sapphire coated mineral crystal for enhanced shock and scratch protection. TF Est.1968 cufflinks' solid spring clasp system keeps them safely attached to your shirt's cuff. Belt buckles are delivered with reversible calf skin leather belts, grained brown with white stitches and smooth black.

"Rotor Caged" belt buckle round shape model in shiny stainless steel rhodium plated featuring a watch movement with rubies and a rotating rotor. Reversible calf skin leather in grained brown or smooth black. Match with "Rotor Caged" cufflinks

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