Thirty six

Thirty six

The paperweight that sends a message of care and emotion.

With distinct square appearance, it is an affordable gift to clients and speciel connections very suitable for personalisation.

  • S$550.00

  • Product Code: AXA.36.2708.000

Transparent paperweight one cylinder; 1 melody REUGE 36-note keyboard Manufacture movement (CH 1.36) produced and assembled by hand in our workshop in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

More than 200 pins on the cylinder and 36-note keyboard.Manual and individual tuning of comb according to the melody.

One tune of 31 seconds 9-minunts power reserve.

Weight 0.4kg

Dimensions 8x11x6cm


1738 - Edelweiss,

1855-The Magic Flute (Glockenspiel),

1885-Waltz of the Flowers,


1908- The Four Seasons A.Vivaldi,


2187-Waltz N'1(Jazz-Suite2)D.Chostakovitch,

2189-Solving's Song (Peer Gynt-Suite2)E Grieg,

2192-Hungarian Dance N'1j. Brahms,

2202-Strangers in Night F. Sinatra.

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