Yacht Veneer Light TRIO

Yacht Veneer Light TRIO

Alliance of design and precious wood, such as Sycamore or Wenge, or Ash, Yacht veneer and Zebra to reflect the quality and excellence of the SwissKubiK mechanism
  • S$3,090.00

  • Product Code: SK03.BYV001

Thanks to their cubic shapes, our watch winders can be joined and multiplied almost infinitely. Designed using your favourite colours, the watch winders of the Multiple Masterbox range are a magnificent and unusual element of interior design.


Once again,2019 is marked by innovation for SwissKubik.

The company launches its first watch winders equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.

By means of a dedicated application that automatically recognizes the SwissKubik watch winder, the owners is able to program his or her watch winder(s) remotely, adjust the light, check the condition of the batteries, individually program each winder according to the watch, save and preserve the batteries which will only work when the watch winder is activated by the application.

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