MASTERBOX Leather Couture – White Mat and Grey Stitches

Masterbox Couture collection is inspired by the latest fashion trends: an array of topstitched leathers with precious finishing to enhance our watch winders. A luxurious cover available in several unique hues (Pink, White, Blue or Black), offering a style beyond compare. Casings with meticulous details, embodying chic and refinement.

  • S$1,490.00

  • Product Code: SK01. CO007

Beneath its high-quality casing and simple elegance hides a jewel of technology. A perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the leather Masterbox watch winder is ideally suited to classic or vintage watches and has everything going for it: its Toledo leather casing, renowned for its exceptional quality, is available in several timeless shades.


Once again, 2019 is marked by innovation for SwissKubik.

The company launches its first watch winders equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology.

By means of a dedicated application that automatically recognizes the SwissKubik watch winder, the owners is able to program his or her watch winder(s) remotely, adjust the light, check the condition of the batteries, individually program each winder according to the watch, save and preserve the batteries which will only work when the watch winder is activated by the application.

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